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Precision grinding and polishing from LK

Grinding processing: using micron-sized abrasive grains with higher hardness than the material to be processed, micro-cutting and rolling action under the action of hard grinding disc, to remove trace materials on the surface to be processed, so that the shape and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece can meet the requirements. Value, and reduce the surface roughness, reduce the processing method of processing the metamorphic layer.

1. Grinding of hard and brittle materials

A processing model for hard and brittle material grinding. A part of the abrasive grains are micro-cut by the surface of the workpiece with the exposed tip under the action of the grinding pressure; the other part of the abrasive grains produces a rolling effect, causing the surface of the workpiece to be brittle and chipped to form chips. The abrasive grains are 1 μm of alumina, silicon carbide, or the like.

2. Grinding of metal materials

When the metal material is ground, the abrasive action of the abrasive grains is equivalent to a state in which the cutting depth of ordinary cutting and grinding is extremely small, and no crack is generated. Since the abrasive grains are in a free state, it is difficult to form a continuous cutting, and only the intermittent grinding action between the abrasive grains and the workpiece forms the wear debris.

Second, the polishing process mechanism

Polishing refers to polishing discs of soft elastic or viscoelastic materials (plastic, asphalt, paraffin, tin, etc.) rotating at a low speed, or polishing discs of low-elastic materials (cotton, felt, artificial leather, etc.) rotating at a high speed, plus a polishing agent, having A method of obtaining a smooth surface with certain abrasive properties. Polishing—cannot improve the shape accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. The abrasive grains used for polishing are fine abrasive grains of 1 μm or less.

The minute abrasive grains are elastically held by the polisher to grind the workpiece, so that the force of the abrasive grains on the workpiece is small, and cracks do not occur even if the brittle material is polished.

        Polishing is a combination of the tiny plastic cutting action of the abrasive particles and the chemical dissolution of the processing fluid.

Third, the main process factors of precision grinding and polishing

Within a certain range, increasing the grinding pressure can improve the grinding efficiency.

In addition, ultra-precision grinding has the following basic requirements for the grinding motion trajectory, and the cutting conditions and cutting conditions of the workpiece machining surface and the lap surface are the same or similar:

1 The workpiece moves parallel to the plane of the grinding disc, so that the points on the workpiece have the same or similar grinding stroke.

2 Any corner on the workpiece to ensure smooth grinding movement.

4 Ensure that the workpiece travels all over the surface of the grinding disc so that the grinding disc wears evenly, thus ensuring the flatness of the surface of the workpiece.

5 Change the moving direction of the workpiece in time to reduce the surface roughness and ensure the surface is uniform.

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