High standards for new energy vehicles hardware connector trends

A pilot project Automotive Connectors:

Insertion force, clamping force, steam aging, salt spray, hot air back to the process (IR), vibration test, high-temperature aging, temperature and humidity, thermal shock, quick plug test, contact resistance, insulation resistance, pressure testing, hardness testing, painting

Thickness of the test, plating thickness of the test, the surface roughness test, tin of food / soldering resistance test.

New Energy Automotive Connectors To achieve its performance requirements mainly by strict design specifications, such as in the case of exposure to high pressure to prevent air breakdown, which need to retain a certain air gap; in the case of high voltage and high current, which temperature increase should not exceed the rating; in the choice of shell material to consider the weight, strength and ease of processing, but also in how the material properties at different temperatures to maintain the stability of the connector terminal, how to ensure the necessary electrical conductivity and so need to be considered.

As the new energy vehicles, "green" cars, which also requires the green connector. In terms of security, since the new energy automotive connectors withstand up to 250A current capability, high standards of protection against electric shock voltage 600V demand is obvious. At the same time such a high-power, electromagnetic interference is another important issue. In addition, the connector plug operation arcing, which can seriously jeopardize the electrical connections and electronic equipment, and may cause burning cars, which require special design and development of the connector.


In terms of connectivity, the continuing expansion of automotive entertainment systems, the importance of high-speed data transfer capabilities have become increasingly prominent. "For example, in some models, the reversing mirror installed photography head, the driver can have a broader vision, which requires the connector to transmit more data sometimes need a connector while addressing the GPS signal transmission and broadcasting signal problems, which need to improve their data transfer capability. "Meanwhile, the connector also need to withstand high temperatures, because the car engine is usually placed in front of the car, despite the firewall protection, but there will be some heat will be transmitted over, so the connection It is to be able to withstand high temperatures. "

In addition to the car connector "harsh" requirement is also reflected in its life. "The general connector which has an elastic element, a certain number of times after the swap will lose their effectiveness, so that life is generally 3 - 5 years, and a car can be used for 10 years --20 years, so life must automotive connectors and the life of a car equivalent of the connector requirements are quite high. "

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