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Common automatic tool change method and its characteristics in CNC machining center

First, the robot tool change method

Generally, a disc magazine is often used in a tool magazine for a robotic tool change mechanism. The so-called manipulator tool change method means that when the tool is changed, the robot performs the knife grabbing, the knife selection and the tool change. Responsible for transferring the tool between the tool magazine and the spindle of the CNC machining center, returning the replaced tool to the tool magazine, and then pushing the tool to be used to the spindle. This type of tool change is characterized by the new knife to be used and the old knife that has been used at the same time. That is to say, the knife and the tool change are performed at the same time, so that the tool change speed is faster and the movement range of each mechanical component is smaller than other tool change modes. It is now the mainstream tool change method.

Second, the direct tool change method

The so-called direct tool change method means that the tool change process is completed by the tool magazine and the spindle box. This is the most direct tool change method. The general configuration of the tool magazine is a bucket type. According to the tool change process, whether the tool magazine has displacement or not, the direct tool change mode can be divided into two types: the tool magazine shift mode and the tool magazine fixed mode. In the tool magazine shift mode, the tool magazine can be moved. Before the tool change, the tool magazine enters the tool change working area, and the tool area is exited after the tool change. This type of tool change is due to the movement of the tool magazine, the layout is more delicate, and the flexibility and adaptability are poor. In the tool magazine fixing method, the tool selection is mainly performed by the movement of the spindle box. The magazine can be either stationary or only rotated in position. The former can only be used for sequential tool selection, and is suitable for CNC machining centers with a small number of tools, while the latter can realize index selection. This type of tool selection reduces the movement of the tool magazine, which greatly simplifies the design of the tool magazine and makes the control of the tool change process simple and reliable. The direct tool change method is characterized by slow tool change speed and high failure rate, which is only used on earlier models.

Third, the turret head change tool

The turret head mode is a tool change method in which the required tool is moved to the corresponding position by the rotation of the brick tower. It is generally a sequential tool change. The advantage is that the structure is compact and the tool change time is extremely short. Generally, it is widely used in the processing of complex workpieces such as crankshafts and the complicated process processing in which multiple processes are required.

The automatic tool changer of the turret head mode is similar to the direct tool change mode, and is divided into two types: the turret tool changer and the brick tower spindle change tool. The tool change mode of the turret is to realize the automatic tool change by the rotation of the turret head; the turret of the turret spindle head also needs to be equipped with a turret, but the turret spindle is not connected to the tool holder, but a plurality of different Orientation, the sub-spindle head of the octopus is placed in a tentacle shape, and each of the spindle heads is pre-installed with a tool to be used for each process.

In the machining of the CNC machining center, by rotating the turret, each spindle head is sequentially rotated to the machining position according to the program command, thereby realizing the automatic tool change action. This type of tool change, because each sub-spindle is concentrated on one turret, has high requirements on the rigidity of the turret spindle, and there are certain restrictions on the number of tool spindles. This tool change method is mainly applied to smaller CNC machining centers.


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