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Advantages of high speed cutting technology

High-speed cutting is not only the improvement of cutting speed, but also the advancement of manufacturing technology and further innovation, including major advances in technologies such as drive, tool materials, coatings, tools, testing and safety, in order to achieve cutting speed and advancement. By multiplying the speed, the overall machining efficiency of the manufacturing industry can be significantly improved. High-speed cutting process advantages:

1. Shorten production time

    With high-speed cutting, the cutting speed and feed rate are doubled, the overall machining efficiency is significantly improved, and the machining time is significantly shortened.

2. Reduce manufacturing costs

    Higher levels of productivity inevitably lead to a decline in manufacturing costs. High-speed cutting equipment and tools enable the lowest manufacturing costs in mass production.

3. High speed cutting absorbs energy

    The use of high-speed machining reduces the heat generation of the workpiece during machining, especially in milling. Due to the reduction of heat generation, the workpiece temperature is small, the processing size is stable, and the damage to the tool and equipment is small. On the other hand, high-speed cutting can process hard materials, which is unmatched by ordinary machine tools.

4. Improve the processing quality of the workpiece

    With high-speed machining, the machining accuracy and the quality of the cutting surface can be greatly improved. The surface roughness of the parts can reach micron level, reducing and eliminating the auxiliary working hours such as grinding and polishing, and high-speed machining in engine manufacturing.

    Nowadays, with the continuous adoption of new processes, the continuous development of super-hard material tools, coated tools and alloy material tools, high-speed machining has become more and more important in ordinary processing. High-speed machining centers, high-speed external milling, and high-speed grinding of CBN grinding wheels in engine manufacturing are common.

    In the high-speed machining application, the engine manufacturing industry mainly uses the spindle to realize the high speed of the spindle and the high linear movement speed of the linear motor. The purpose is to replace the multi-spindle with a single spindle machining center with high spindle speed and high-speed linear feed motion. It is difficult to achieve a combination of high spindle speed and high speed feed. The maximum spindle speed is generally 60 000r/min and the maximum feed rate is about 100m/min. The electric spindle incorporates many cutting-edge technologies, such as high-speed bearings with composite ceramic materials or electromagnetic suspension, high-speed motor technology, timed quantitative oil and gas lubrication, and automatic tool changers. There are also some companies that use hollow-through coolants, larger diameters, and larger lead ball screws to reduce costs without the use of linear motors.

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