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Custom Trucks parts services

Material : Sheet metal & Plastic

Tolerance : DIN ISO 2768

Surface Treatment : AS per your drawing reqeust

Lead Time : 3-10days for prototype & 2-4 weeks for production

Shipping : Fedex, DHL, UPS, USPS, or your shipping agent

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How to prcessing Trucks parts by CNC Turning?

CNC (computer numerical controlled) Turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, describes a helix toolpath by moving more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates. It refers to the automated machining process of shaping material, such as metal or plastic, using a CNC machine. It is an intricate and detailed method of creating custom parts and components using a lathe. CNC turning is a highly skilled, Precision Engineering process.

How to process truck parts?

● CNC Milling --3/4/5-axis milling
● CNC Turning--Multi-axis turning
● Plastic injection molding---Overmolding ---rubber compression molding---Custom silicone mold ● manufacturing, etc.
● Casting- aluminum / Zinc Die casting, sand mold casting--Steel or Iron Investment Casting
● Extrusion service for aluminum, steel, plastic, etc.
● Stamping--Blanking---Progressive Die Stamping, etc.
● Fabrication---bending-cutting--welding, etc

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What is Trucks parts material?

 Aluminum Alloys: 5052,6061,6063,7075,etc.

 Copper Alloys: 101 Copper,101 Copper,360Brass,936Bronze etc.

● Plastics: ABS, Acetal, PE, PP,POM, Nylon,PMMA, PEEK, PEI,Teflon,etc.

Stainless Steels: 303SS, 304SS, 316SS, 420SS,17-4, 1.4305, 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4435, etc.

 Allloy Steel: 1018, 4130,1045, 4140, 42CrMo4, 40NiCrMo7, 21NiCrMo2, etc.


What is surface finish for your Trucks parts?

 Anodized  with MIL-A-8625F or MIL-DTL-5541F standard etc.

 Sand blasting from # 50-200 etc.

 Powder coating 

●  Laser carving for logo

 Wire drawing before anodized.

 Screen printing for your cnc turning parts logo or words.

●  Electrophoresis.

 Mirror Polish

●  Heat treatment From HRC32-60 etc.

●  Passivation

● Texture for your turning parts logo.


6061AL tumbled finish bottom-013.JPGLathe miling.jpg

Finishing machines treat the surface of your custom part. Finishing can be used for protection, decoration, and other uses. For example you may want to nickel plate a part to protect it from oxidizing or mechanically brush the surface of the part to create a textured look. eMachineShop's intelligent software will also guide you to make sure the finish you specify is compatible with your material.

CNC turning with live tooling combines both lathe and mill capabilities to machine parts with cylindrical features from metal rod stock.

Our CNC turning process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in as fast as 1 day. We use a CNC lathe with live tooling so features like axial and radial holes, flats, grooves, and slots can be machined.


What is technical Capabilities for Trucks parts?

We accept turning jobs starting at 1 pcs parts.

All of our machines accept bar-stock, diameters ranging from .100 inches to 3 inches.

We are a precision shop capable of tight tolerance jobs (down to +/- .0002).

We utilize CAD and CAM programs to work with solid models and optimize machining processes.



What is additional Automated Technologies for Trucks parts?

Individual measuring of each part to ensure accuracy and compliance

Water soluble coolant system that continuously filters and refreshes the solution for optimal machining conditions

Machine integrated robotic unload, wash, dry package systems

Three stage, aqueous wash system to ensure parts are particle and contaminant free

Case show

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10130.3.jpg LK40010-02.jpg

How to order Trucks  parts from LK Tools?

Get the drawing or sample, 3D and 2D drawing by email to us. The files format can be STP, IGS, X_T, etc.
Quoted within 48 hours for you.
Set up production schedule plan in our ERP system and make DFM for your projects.
Provide samples with FAI report for your approval before production.
Every week will send the production schedule pictures for your review.
Before shipping, we will send the packing list and pictures to your approval.
We will provide the tracking number to you after shipped down.


How to packing for your Trucks parts and Payment?

●  Foam packing

●  EVA foam packing.

●  Bubble bag packing for turning parts.

●  Shrink Wrapping packing

● FOB Price: USD0.05-10/Piece

● MOQ: 1 Piece/item

● PORT: ShenZhen, China

● Packaging Details: inner plastic bag, outer standard carton box

● Delivery time: Prototype samples 3-7 days, build mold time and first samples test is 25-35 days.

● Payment terms: 50% depoist by T/T,Paypal in advance after sample confirmed, 50% balance before shipment.

● Supply ability: 10000pcs/month


How to shipping for your CNC turning parts?

For the Prototype and small volume parts that we generally use the express way. For the medium-volume order that we generally use air freight or ocean freight according to delivery time.

LK ships using express couriers (DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT &more), air freight and ocean freight. For small volume and Express CNC orders, post office express (EMS) and regular air mail are available. Customers are welcome to use their own couriers or freight forwarders to satisfy their logistics needs. However, such requests should be clearly stated when placing orders. For mass production orders,we offer CIF ,FOB HK or other terms if you need.

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