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Technical And Project Related Questions

1、How will LK protect my product / design?

This is an issue of extreme importance here at LK. We begin by signing a mutual non- disclosure agreement. Our entire staff and every manufacturer we deal with must sign a binding non-disclosure agreement as well. Nothing goes beyond our headquarters bearing your name. As soon as we receive your electronic prints, we "clean" them of your name to insure your anonymity. All of our offshore associate..

2、What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made via check or credit card. Please contact our office staff for more details or to be set up for Net30 terms.

3、What materials can you machine?

We stock a variety of plastic and metal materials from ABS, nylon, PC, and PP to stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. See a full list of more than 40 stocked materials for milling and turning. At this time, we can accept customer-supplied material for machining

4、What information do you need to provide a quote?

We can accept native SolidWorks (.sldprt) or ProE (.prt) files as well as solid 3D CAD models from other CAD systems output in IGES (.igs), STEP (.stp), ACIS (.sat) or Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b) format. We can also accept .stl files. Two-dimensional (2D) drawings are accepted.

5、What is your standard lead time and can we pay extra for expedited delivery?

We understand that timing is critical and we quote the fastest possible delivery based on the specific details of each project we review and our current workload. Once a PO is issued we confirm the expected ship date and have an exceptional record of meeting these dates

6、CNC & Swiss CNC Turning Capabilities?

Two-axis turning delivers peak cost efficiency in shorter volumes, as well as high capacity production of mechanically simple components Multi-axis turning centers are extremely cost-efficient at higher volumes, and especially effective at replicating complex geometries. Our CNC turning services include multi-axis centers with up to 12 axis of motion CNC Swiss is a Cox specialty. Cos is the ..

7、How do you ensure your quality?

In order to deliver high-quality parts every time, we’ve instituted the following steps to ensure you get parts that meet and exceed your expectations.

A full design for manufacturing (DFM) review upon initial inquiry. This will be performed by our skilled engineering team, who will alert you to any issues before work begins.

All incoming material (metal and plastic) is 100% inspected using our in-house metrology equipment. This includes OES, XRF and PolyMax spectroscopy.

In-process and first article inspection.

Comprehensive final inspection with full report. See here for more information about our range of inspection equipment.

8、What tolerances can you achieve?

There is not a given set of tolerances that fits all processes and materials. In every case, the final tolerances on your part will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

Part size

Design geometry

The number, type and size of features


Surface finish

Manufacturing process

We will review your design and provide a design for manufacturing review, pointing out any areas where we may not be able to achieve your desired tolerances. It’s helpful to us if you can specify which areas in your design have critical tolerances that must be met and which can be slightly modified if needed to reduce time and costs involved. Here are some general tolerance guidelines:

Vacuum Casting

Tolerances for vacuum casting will depend on the tolerance of the master model, the type of casting resin being used, and the part’s geometry. Typically we apply a tolerance of + 0.15% deviation from the master model. For parts requiring heat treatment we may machine an insert such as Tufnol which prevents further shrinkage during heating.

CNC Machining

Our general tolerances for CNC machining of metals is DIN-2768-1-fine and for plastics DIN-2768-1-medium. Tolerances are greatly affected by wall thicknesses, material choice, and geometry, so we will seek to advise as to achievable tolerances for each part. We pride ourselves on wishing to help our clients achieve their desired tolerances that are better than DIN-2768-1, but we work on a “best effort basis only” if the tolerances stated are tighter than our stated standards. The reason we refuse to be held accountable for very tighter tolerances is that we are a prototype factory and very tight tolerances present a huge risk due to the nature of our work.

All manufacturing and technical specifications need to be clearly specified in the 2D drawings in order to be followed.

9、Do you provide First Article of Inspection Service?

While we do not offer FAI at this time, we do offer three types of inspection reports: quality, digital, and conventional.

10、What industries use LK tools services?

We serve a variety of industries including medical device, automotive, lighting, aerospace, technology, consumer product, and electronics, etc.

11、What is the advantage of working with LK tools? Why should I choose your company to make my parts?

Our CNC milling & turing (3-8 axis), and injection molding services provide parts made directly from the customer’s 3D CAD model, reducing the likelihood of errors. Proprietary software automates toolpath generation to decrease manufacturing times and reduce costs.

12、I don’t have a 3D CAD model. Can you create one for me?

We do not offer any design services at this time. If you need assistance creating a 3D CAD model of your idea, contact us via email and we’ll get you contact information for designers who are familiar with our process.

Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.